Fuck Yeah Jim And Pam :)

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jimandpamforever asked: do you make your gifs? if so where do you get them or do you know any good websites to make them?

I don’t make my gifs. If I post any, they’re usually reblogged from somewhere else. So I really don’t have any info on where to make good one. Sorry :(

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Pam: I knew it.Jim: You did not know it.Pam: I knew some of it.Jim: Everyone knew some of it.Pam: It’s Christmas…Jim: You knew it.Pam: Thank you. I knew it.Jim: She knew it.


Pam: I knew it.
Jim: You did not know it.
Pam: I knew some of it.
Jim: Everyone knew some of it.
Pam: It’s Christmas…
Jim: You knew it.
Pam: Thank you. I knew it.
Jim: She knew it.